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Beauty and Aesthetic Courses from Level 2 to Level 5.

About Us

East London Beauty Academy is a well established and recognised Beauty Training Centre in the heart of East London since April 2008. We specialise in Accredited IPL/Laser and Holistic Beauty Treatments. We provide excellent training for learners who seek a career in the Beauty Industry, by providing the relevant skills, knowledge and hands on training, to enable them provide beauty treatments.We are an ITEC Accredited Internal and External Assessment Centre.  We offer ITEC Accredited Courses at Levels 1, 2, 3 and 4, Certificate and Diploma Levels Leading to CIDESCO International Qualification.  ELBA also offer Courses which run from 1 Day to 9 Months, a range of short courses, On-line courses, Fast Track, Combination, Workshops and Evening Classes. Our Aim is to provide the highest standard in Beauty and Holistic therapy training, by supporting each individual through the learners journey and guidance through progression routes in a very rewarding profession. Our ITEC qualifications are UK government accredited by the office of the Qualifications and Examinations Regulator (OFQUAL).  

About our Courses

Our Courses are designed to give the students all the relevant training both Theory and Practical that will enable our students once completed to be able to work from Home,  Beauty Salon’s, Spa’s Air lines, Cruise Ships, Gym’s or set up a Business on their own. ELBA offer’s excellent training with qualified beauty lecturers with over 28 years experience in the Beauty Industry. All main courses include the following subjects in relation to the module being studied: professional Ethics, Anatomy and Physiology, Consultation Techniques, Salon Safety, Hygiene and Sterilization, Contra-indications, Room and Material Preparation, Planning a Treatment, Reception duties, After care advice and Business Marketing:

Whether you plan to change your career, work in a Salon, manage your own beauty salon, work from home or travel abroad, we have the answer for you at East London Beauty Academy.

Staff at East London Beauty Academy have been in the industry for over 30 years and have owned their own successful salons and are very knowledgeable about salons and salon businesses.  Many of our students have gone on to take managers positions in Salons, some have set up their own laser clinics after completing their level 4 Qualification at ELBA, others have used their Qualification to find employment here in the UK.

At ELBA we don’t just teach you about Beauty we focus also on your character and confidence. In other words we prepare you for a sucessful careen in the Beauty Industry.

Our History

East London Beauty Academy has been established as a Professional Beauty School and Salon since April 2008. 

Cynthia Gardier our Head lecturer at ELBA has over 28 years of experience in the beauty industry and many years of teaching experience including owning her own beauty salon and a beauty clinic in Harley Street.  Cynthia and her team of Beauty lecturers at ELBA combine their knowledge, skill and experience to ensure that our students are trained to a high standard resulting in great success.

Aims and Objectives

Our Goal is to Equip students with the knowledge and expertise in Beauty Therapy.  All our courses are delivered to a high standard to anyone who has a desire to become a Beauty Therapist.  We Aim to produce Professional confident and successful Beauty Therapists. 

We are aware of the demands of modern society and therefore have designed our courses accordingly. 

1.    We allow our students to pay in installments.
2.    We keep our overheads as low as possible thus reflecting our course prices.
3.    We have Evening Weekend and On-line Courses for learners who have commitments.

Our Accreditation

We have a selection of short foundation courses in Beauty Therapy, which will give the student a BABTAC Accredition which can then be used to seek employment or start a small Business Enterprise. We also have On-line courses On-going Support

We also offer support and advice in setting up and running your own Beauty Salon. No previous experience in the profession is required to enroll on our BABTAC and ITEC Courses; however Level 3 and 4 courses do require a certificate level of understanding. We are known for the great support we give to students during the courses and the emphasis we place on practical training for our students. Our Aim is on completion of each course each student should be able to carry out treatments in the salon with confidence and competence.

facial course treatments beauty practical section laser classes

We all desire to have that perfect look, but often lack the discipline needed to achieve it. When a person comes into a salon, it is because they are looking for a professional person to change something or add something that will give them the look that they desire.  

When working in a Beauty Salon the Beauty Therapist must therefore understand each person’s need and not only be able to give the right information but also carry out the correct treatment to a high professional standard.   

We expect our students to attain high standars and have included a list that we feel a Beauty Therapist requires:

Ability to advise clients have a good personality and work well in a team:


make application by dorota nowaka hair and make up make up application

All therapists must learn how to sharpen their listening skills so that they will give the client what has been asked for. Before we can advise we must listen and understand what the client is saying and exactly what it is they are asking.

Many times the client is saying one thing whilst we are thinking another. Therapists must have a calm an attentive listener to understand what the client’s needs are and to give the best possible advice and treatment. caring approachable, friendly and a good listener. You must look the image you want to portray Be smartly turned out with excellent personal hygiene, as you will in most cases be working in close proximity with your client and a team of other therapists.  teamwork is of vital importance for the smooth working flowing salon. If there is friction, or a lack of genuine politeness between therapists then this environment will be easily felt by the clients and it will chase them away. 

Therapists must learn to be respectful of the need for confidentiality and be tactful in all situations.  A Therapist will take personal information about their client, therefore,e it is important that therapists understand the need for confidentiality and the Data Protection Act.  All therapists will learn about the Health and Safety at work Act 1974 which is standard teaching in the majority of courses.  It is essential that all therapist has a great understanding of the requirement of health and safety issues such as; Risk Assessments, Fire prevention, Health and Hygiene, First Aid, RIDDOR, COSHH etc.

Understanding the need to use an appointment system effectively when scheduling appointments is a skill that can be developed through practice. ooking in appointments, time management and manage schedules is a very important skill in the beauty industry, one of the qualities an employer looks for in a therapist. Perform a number of treatments professionally Greeting Clients discussing their needs, anaylzing their skin and giving professional advice on suitable treatments and products available. These treatments will include Facial Skincare and Eye treatments, Manicures and Pedicures, Hair removal both Permanent and temporary, Make Up for all occasions and a variety of Holistic Treatments.

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