Appeals Policy

How to make a complaint if you are unhappy with something in the Academy.

Appeals Policy

We welcome student’s feedback, comments and suggestions. If you would like to make one or need to complain or appeal, you should follow this procedure:

  1. First talk to your tutor/assessor.
  2. If you are not comfortable in doing this, you should contact your internal verifier/ senior programme manager.
  3. If you are not satisfied with how your internal verifier/senior programme manager has dealt with your complaint, you should put your complaint or appeal in writing to:

    Managing Directors

    East London beauty Academy

    153-159 Bow Business Centre

    Greater London

    E3 2SE

    Tel No 0208 981 2558

  4. They will then investigate it and respond to you within 5 working days
  5. If you are still not satisfied, you have the right to request for your appeal or complaint to be investigated by an independent panel.
  6. The panel will investigate your complaint/appeal and report their decision within 14 working days.  If you are still not satisfied with your complain or appeal you can contact either the ITEC accredited awarding body.  Details of the ITEC contact will be given to you at this stage.
  7. For successful appeals, corrective action will be taken by the responsible Assessor.
  8. A successful appeal does not mean that the candidate is competent; re-assessment may be needed to prove this

All relevant information is provided in the East London Beauty Academy Student Handbook.

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East London Beauty Academy
Bow Business Centre
153 – 159 Bow Road
E3 2SE

Phone: +(44) 208 981 2558