Education and Training Diploma Level 5 Course

Accredited by VTCT for Insurance and Licencing

Course Information

Education and Training Diploma Level 5 Course Information:

The VTCT Level 5 Diploma in Education and Training qualification will provide you with the knowledge, understanding, and skills to teach, and develop a range of personal qualities and attributes required for teaching, assessing and supporting learners. 

You will learn about wider professional practice, theories, principles, and models in education as well as teaching, learning and assessment in education.

What you will learn on this Course:

Mandatory – from this group you’ll need to cover a minimum of 4 components and earn a minimum of 75 credits.

  • Wider Professional Practice and Development in Education and Training
  • Teaching, Learning, and Assessment in Education and Training
  • Developing Teaching, Learning, and Assessment in Education and Training
  • Theories, Principles, and Models in Education and Training

Optional – from this group you’ll need to cover a minimum of 3 components and earn a minimum of 45 credits.

  • Teaching in a Specialist Area
  • Developing, Using and Organising Resources in a Specialist Area
  • Action research

Education and Training Diploma Level 5

During your course you will also have the opportunity to choose from a range of optional units including action research, inclusive practice, teaching in a specialist area and preparing for the personal tutoring role. 

This qualification is a nationally recognised qualification for those individuals who aspire to or hold a teaching role with an extensive range of teaching or training responsibilities

    Course Fees Dates and Times

    Course Fees


    all inclusive

    VTCT / ITEC registration

    E-Learning Resource

    Dates /Times

    5 Months

    1 Day a week


    10.30 – 2.30pm

    Pay in Full pay only £2400

    Pay in installments of £449 per Month


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    Course Start Dates

    Start this course at any time during the year or see Term dates below.

    Start Date 1

    23 March 2018
    Sunday 1.30 – 6pm

    Start Date 2

    Mon 8 May  2018
    Sunday 1.30 – 6pm

    Start Date 3

    Mon 8 Sept 2018
    Sunday 1.30 – 6pm

    What is the benefit of this

    Hairdressing NVQ Level 2 Diploma Course

    All qualifications delivered in the UK must be accredited to ensure their quality.  Any qualification which does not have accreditation may not provide the learner with the ability to use that qualification to seek employment, obtain public liability insurance or set up in business.  This qualification will allow the learner to seek employment, set up in business and obtain public liability insurance to treat clients.

    Career opportunities after graduating

    Start your own Business

    After Completing the NVQ Qualifications or many of the short courses you may be able to set up a beauty Business of your own.  Please speak with the course coordinator about this when booking your qualification.

    Work on Cruise Ships

    Ever wanted to work on a cruise liner as a Beauty Therapist?  ELBA Academy offers the accreditations that will enable you to do so. VTCT, ITEC, and CIDESCO.  Ask about recruitment on Cruise Liners when booking your NVQ Qualifications.

    Start a Mobile Beauty Salon

    After Completing the NVQ Qualifications or many of the short courses you may be able to set up your own mobile beauty therapy Business of your own.  Please speak with the course coordinator about this when booking your qualification

    Obtain Insurance to work

    In order to work in the Beauty Industry, you will require the right type of insurance.  Insurance companies will only insure Qualified Beauty Therapists who have an approved Accredited Beauty Qualification.  Please speak to our course coordinator about this when booking your course.

    Work in the UK and Abroad

    Many of our students who have qualified at ELBA Academy have traveled overseas to either set up businesses for themselves or have found work abroad.  If you intend to use your qualification abroad then please speak with our course coordinator who will advise you on this

    Start Work immediately

    We are approached by many Beauty Salons looking for potential candidates to work in their Salons.  Why not use this opportunity to join our network of newly qualified therapists and let us support you in this area.  Speak with our Course coordinator when booking your course.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Who is this Qualification for?
    • This qualification has been developed to meet a requirement of the Further Education Teachers’ Qualifications (England) Regulations 2007 and related contractual requirements introduced by the funding agency at the same time.
    • It is the required qualification for those teaching in a full teaching role and covered by regulation or contractual requirement. This qualification will provide you with the knowledge, understanding and skills to teach and to develop a range of skills and techniques, personal qualities and attitudes for successful performance in working life. This programme will provide you with a nationally recognised vocationally-specific qualification to enter employment in the field of teaching, or to progress to further vocational qualifications, including QTLS licence status.
    Prerequisites for this Class

    Your centre will ensure that you undertake an initial assessment of skills in English, mathematics and ICT prior to undertaking this qualification. Your centre should record your development needs and agree an action plan to address them. If you join the qualification programme having already completed a PTLLS award, your record of development needs and previous action to address them should be reviewed. There are no other nationally agreed entry requirements.

    Teaching Practice for this Qualification

    Throughout this qualification, you must complete a minimum of 100 hours of teaching practice. There is a requirement to evidence working with groups of learners to achieve this qualification although parts of the qualification allow for working solely with individuals unless units are undertaken that specify that purpose. There are particular requirements for certain units in this qualification, these are specified accordingly in units.

    You must be observed for at least eight hours over a minimum of eight occasions (this excludes any observed practice completed as part as a PTLLS award). Each observation must be for a minimum of 30 minutes. Observations will be appropriately spaced throughout the duration of the DTLLS programme. These are minimum requirements whatever combination of units is undertaken to achieve the qualification.

    Guidance of Assesment of this Qualification
    • VTCT courses are assessed and verified by center staff. Work will be set to improve your practical skills, knowledge, and understanding. For practical elements, you will be observed by your assessor.
    • All your work must be collected in a portfolio of evidence and cross-referenced to requirements listed in this record of assessment book.
    • Your center will have an internal verifier whose role is to check that your assessment and evidence is valid and reliable and meets VTCT and regulatory requirements.
    • An external verifier, appointed by VTCT, will visit your center to sample and quality-check assessments, the internal verification process and the evidence gathered.
    • You may be asked to attend on a different day from usual if requested by the external verifier.
    How to create your portfolio
    • As part of this qualification, you are required to produce a portfolio of evidence. A portfolio will confirm the knowledge, understanding, and skills that you have learned. It may be in electronic or paper format.
    • Your assessor will provide guidance on how to prepare the portfolio of evidence and how to show practical achievement and understanding of the knowledge required to successfully complete this qualification. 
    • Your assessment booklet along with the portfolio of evidence will serve as the prime source of evidence for this qualification. Evidence in the portfolio may take the following forms:

      • Observed work 
      • Witness statements
      • Audio-visual media
      • Evidence of prior learning or attainment
      • Written questions
      • Oral questions
      • Assignments
      • Case studies

      All evidence should be documented in the portfolio and cross-referenced to unit outcomes. Constructing the portfolio of evidence should not be left to the end of the course. 

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