arrow General Apperance

Students will not be allowed in the Salon or Treatment area without the proper uniform

arrow Hair

  • Long hair must be tied back off the shoulders and face
  • A Hair must be neat, clean and suitably styled at all times
  • No hats, scarves or bandanas

arrow Makeup

  • Light Make-up Should be worn

arrow Perfume

  • No perfume should be worn

arrow Hands

  • Well manicured
  • Clean
  • Short Nails
  • No nail enamel or false nails

arrow Uniform

  • Black Tunic Uniform
  • Black casual Trousers
  • Clean and well pressed
  • Should not be worn over outdoor clothing
  • A Black cardigan may be worn over uniform in cold weather

arrow Shoes

  • These should be Trafalgar shoes as listed on the kit form
  • skin colour tights or plain black socks

arrow All relevant information is provided in the the ELBA  Student Handbook Download ELBA Student Handbook.

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