Equal Opportunity and Diversity Policy Statement

East London Beauty Academy is dedicated to creating a working environment in which diversity is viewed as an asset in achieving our Aims within the community.

East London Beauty Academy Aims to achieve and carry out the highest levels of best practice in diversity in keeping with our role within the Education sector.  We believe that our approach and commitment to diversity enables us to become productive in an ever increasing challenging society and therefore to achieve this we have implemented the following:

  • An equal opportunities Policy in place;
  • Value and respect of diversity by acknowledging and respecting each other’s differences;
  • Recognise that every individual is equal by right and has a contribution to make;
  • Aim to ensure that all people with whom we come into contact with will be treated fairly and in an unbiased way.

ELBA will work both within the current legislative framework and take the appropriate action where we have found that these policies have not been adhered to promote equality and to value diversity and will work to address unfair treatment, discrimination and prejudice where found within the workplace.

All relevant information is provided in the the East London Beauty Academy Student Handbook.

Download ELBA Student Handbook.

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