Example of Marking Criteria for a Facial Treatment

These marking criteria is an example of what is required in a Facial treatment. appearance, Client care and Hygiene and Sterilisation will be the same throughout however the treatments marking criteria will change for every treatment.

con info  Appearance

The candidate must demonstrate:

  1. Clean, ironed professional uniform
  2. Clean, neat hair, tied back/up if long and off the collar and face
  3. Short, clean, well-manicured nails with no varnish and clean hands
  4. Clean, sensible full flat shoes, socks should be worn
  5. Tights were an appropriate color for the uniform if wearing a skirt
  6. No jewelry- with the exception of a wedding band and 1 pair of small stud earrings (religious jewelry must be taped)
  7. Nobody or breath odor
  8. No chewing gum or sucking sweets
  9. No visible underskirts/underwear
  10. Skirts to the knee. Trousers cropped no higher than calf/ trousers not trailing on the floor

con info  Client care

The candidate must demonstrate:

  1. Greeted and introduced self to client
  2. Assisted the client off the couch
  3. Explained the treatment procedure to the client
  4. Ensured the client’s comfort/ modesty throughout
  5. Maintained a positive and professional approach to client/colleagues throughout

con info Hygiene and Sterilisation

The candidate must demonstrate:

  1. Wiped equipment over with appropriate sanitiser before and after use
  2. Sanitised hands before, during and after treatment as appropriate
  3. Replaced lids on products and used spatulas to remove cream
  4. Disposed of cotton wool, tissues, paper roll and general waste hygienically and appropriately
  5. Used salon/clinic sterilising equipment/cabinets appropriately and sanitised, used and stored small equipment appropriately

con info Cleanse

The candidate:

  1. Selected the correct cleanser for the skin type to remove full make-up
  2. Performed the cleansing routine twice
  3. Removed eye make-up and lipstick efficiently and thoroughly
  4. Toned the skin leaving it clean and free from cream/lotion
  5. Performed the cleanse/tone in a commercially acceptable time

    con info  Skin Analysis

    The candidate:

    1. Used the magnifying lamp correctly
    2. Recognised any skin imperfections/lesions visible and recorded them
    3. Recognised the client’s skin type/characteristics listed in the syllabus
    4. Recommend treatments that are suitable for the skin type/characteristics
    5. Recommended suitable products for home care

    con info Massage

    The candidate:

    1. Selected the appropriate medium for the massage and applied it professionally
    2. Demonstrated effleurage movements
    3. Demonstrated petrissage movements
    4. Demonstrated tapotement and vibration movements
    5. Demonstrated friction movements
    6. Maintained contact and flow throughout the routine
    7. Demonstrated appropriate pressure for the client from area to area
    8. Maintained the client’s comfort throughout
    9. Focused on the client throughout
    10. Demonstrated good posture throughout

        con info  Mask

        The candidate:

        1. Prepared the area
        2. Mixed and applied an appropriate clay recipe for the skin type and demonstrated application of commercial mask additionally
        3. Applied all products evenly, efficiently and minimising waste
        4. Understands the effects of the ingredients in the products used and their contraindications
        5. Removed the masks efficiently and comfortably for the client

        con info  Home Care Advice

        The candidate:

        1. Concluded the treatment in an appropriate way
        2. Made recommendations for follow-on appointment
        3. Made recommendations for immediate aftercare
        4. Made recommendations for home care advice
        5. Informed the client of the short term effects of the treatment

              con info Sample Oral Questions

              1. Describe the client’s skin type
              2. What is vitiligo?
              3. What is the cause of vitiligo?
              4. What sort of mask would be suitable for this skin type – why?
              5. Describe the contraindications to this treatment
              6. What aftercare advice would you give to the client?

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