Mobile Phone Policy

arrow We operate a strict no phone policy during lessons.  No Electronic equipment i.e phones, ipads etc will be allowed in either the Salon, Practical area or Theory room.  Phones are not allowed in either all mobiles must be switched off. This is done to avoid distractions during the class.

arrow  In some cases where we have found that students who have been allowed to have their mobile phones and have broken the mobile phone policy they will be asked before attending the class to leave their phones in their personal lockers

arrow  If your phones are left in the lockers then they must be switched off.

arrow  In case of an emergency and you need to be contacted this can be done through the college administration office and a message will be passed on to you. 

arrow  All relevant information is provided in the East London Beauty Academy Student Handbook.

arrow  Failure to follow these guidelines will result in further action being taken by ELBA Head Tutor.