Recognition of Prior Learning

Dealing with requests for recognition of Prior Learning, (RPL) Exemptions and or Equivalences

If any learner is interested in a Qualification at our Academy and can prove that they have taken units beforehand that is related to this Qualification then, the learner may not have to repeat learning/units that they may have achieved beforehand and/or have prior evidence of previously meeting the learning outcomes/ assessment methodology that may form part of ITEC units and/or qualifications. This is termed Recognition of Prior Learning.

In order to establish an evidence of prior learning the claim must:

  • Be made to the Centre by the learner and who will make the initial consideration
  • Upon authorising the request, ELBA will  ensure that appropriate evidence and documentation is reviewed and maintained and ensure this is made available to ITEC on request
  • ELBA will then inform ITEC of RPL, exemptions or equivalences when registering/enrolling Candidates together with the units being claimed for.

Please see ITEC Policy on Recognition of Prior Learning.


If you have any queries about (RPL’s) or the contents of the policy, please contact ELBA Customer Service on

+44 (0) 208 981 2558 or email them at