Student Kits

Student Kits

arrowStudents who have enrolled on a course at East London Beauty Academy will be expected to purchase a Student Starter Kit and bring it with them to their practical sessions.

arrowThe Starter kit can be purchased either at the Academy before starting the course or through another venue.

arrowStudents will be given at the start of each course a timetable and will be expected to know what they will be doing on each day.

arrowStudents must then bring their Student kits to the Academy on the day that they are to have a p practical .  If the student fails to bring their Student Kits on the days that they are needed then that student will not be able to take part in the practice for that day.

arrowAll student kits and Uniforms will be inspected for cleanliness, neatness, in order that the student understands the importance of professional preparation and Hygiene.

arrowAll relevant information is provided in the East London Beauty Academy Student Handbook.

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